A “gudang” is a storage area like a pantry, warehouse, etc. Shopping here on Bali you learn to ask “ada gudang?” (is there a warehouse?) because often the small store space is just an affordable showroom and their real inventory is in the “gudang”. These “Gudang” posts will occasionally offer finds from shopping on Bali or elsewhere in SE Asia, India, etc. These will be one-of-a-kind items, sometimes antique and sometimes new. The “objets” will be replaced as sold with something fresh. At any given time in our gudang you might find textiles, sculpture, paintings,jewelry,tea, spices, books, etc. Check back often…


Isan Silk Ikat Weavers

For many years I have been working with a very special silk weaving studio in Isan (Thailand), just near the Mekong River. Many of the residents share ancestry and cultural history with the Laotions just across the river. This includes their long tradition of raising, spinning, and weaving beautiful silks.

Bali Buddhas


The stone carvers on Bali and Java are descendants of the stonemasons who built the fabulous 8th century Borobodur near Yogjakarta on Java. The village of Batubulan (Moon Stone) is on the route from the airport in south Bali up to Ubud. There you will find the largest selection in a short distance of road.

H: 1,40; W: .90; D: ,60

H: 1,40; W: .90; D: ,60